Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bean Jumps

Jump 1

This one was good, especially the fall at the end, but the timing at the start was poor.

Jump 2

The timing at the start's been ironed out, but I didn't like the fall at the end - it was too wooden - and he twists at the start of the jump.

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Frank said...

Hi Jess, There is some good understanding of the principles of physical animation being shown here.

You're starting to apply those principles practically as well.

Your work shows appeal (one of the principles)

Your notes show that you can critique your own work to make it even better.

The next step as we work on your Essential Animation Principle (EAP) sequence. Is to get it to a stage where you can't see any more improvements.

I note you are one of the 2nd years making an effort to come in on non class days to get some work done. That enthusiasm is excellent.